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Jeep, Boat or Quad Bike Baggy Safari with more than 370 positive reviews. 

Live your adventure in Crete, Greece through the experience of a local Safari, Georgioupolis Safari. Choose among a Jeep, Boat or Quad Atv Bike - Baggy Safari and enjoy Crete’s wild nature, breathtaking views, and lush sceneries. 

Our Land Rover Safari on Crete includes transportation to inaccessible areas, ideal for those who wish to be more than tourists, but real travelers, living the myths of Crete in Chania and Rethymnon.

The Quad Bikes on the other hand will give a more ”earthy” approach to your trip to Crete with crossing rivers, exploring hills and passing gorges being your most liked Instagram photos!

Lastly, the Boat Safari at the gorgeous blue waters of the Aegean will be the absolute highlight of your 2023 summer vacation in Crete and will allow you to dive into the mesmerizing Greek sunset.

But Georgioupolis Safari is not just about Safari. It’s about tradition, locality, culture, gastronomy and people. It’s about you, exploring the most isolated and unspoiled parts of Crete, meeting the locals, understanding their ethics, tasting the most raw ingredients, like wine, raki, honey and olive oil, and also about filling yourself with the Cretan spirit and sense of hospitality.

And for those who seek privacy on their journeys, we offer Private Tours, where you can choose the vehicle you will drive yourself and the route you will follow.Find more details about our Safari Tours below and we are looking forward to meeting you in person! Keep in mind that we take your safety very seriously and we keep every health measure for your protection from COVID-19, but with no requirements for a COVID-19 vaccination before your arrival.


Cretan sheep

Cretan sheep


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